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If a person feels hungry and doesn't eat an hour later, then


If a person feels hungry and doesn't eat an hour later, then a substance called the longevity gene appears in the body.



This substance has powerful repair function and is of great benefit to the body. Hunger is a regimen that not only can cure all diseases, but also help longevity.




Overeating, all diseases are born! Eat too much, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease are coming!



Many diseases are related to overeating.



For example, a cold, sometimes eat too much, accumulate food, and then get a little cold, it is easy to cause a cold. After a cold, if you clear your stomach and stomach, you will recover easily.



On the contrary, if you just want to supplement nutrition, eat more food, so as to increase resistance, the result will be worse cold.




For example, most people have problems of weakness of the spleen and stomach. Spleen deficiency and stomach cold are also caused by excessive diet.



The spleen and stomach are in a state of overwork for a long time without proper rest. Over time, it became a state of asthenia of the spleen and stomach.



Such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, paralysis, dementia and other diseases, are closely related to diet.




Excessive smoking and alcohol can cause many organs of the body to be damaged, resulting in more than 180 common diseases. If you want to fundamentally solve the problem, you still have to control your mouth and starve.



But this shows that, eat less, eat seven full can be, this is indeed one of the prerequisites for good health.




Dinner does not eat, hungry "cure" all diseases do not eat dinner is equal to drink a free appetizer soup.



"The love of dinner is one of the causes of our diseases, and also one of the reasons why many diseases remain incurable."



It's the right way to keep fit when you are hungry at night. "No food after lunch", the so-called "noon", is 11:00-13:00 noon, after 13:00 can not eat any more.



What if I'm hungry? You can drink fruit juice and fruit. People will be hungry without eating dinner, the effect is similar to drinking the soup. Therefore, it is not a disadvantage if you don't eat dinner, because you drink a free appetizer soup.




If you are hungry, you can rest your body.



Disease comes from the mouth. Many times, the disease occurs not because of not eating enough, but because of eating too much.



Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life, we need to follow the ancient motto, to achieve "food and drink in season", five flavors light can nourish the five viscera.




It is the only way for modern people to keep in good health.



Read more nutritious books to enrich the spiritual world; eat less fish, meat, cigarettes, wine, and proper hungry stomach to do some of their own health skills, in order to maintain the body meridians, Qi and blood circulation, tissue and organ function exuberant.



With a healthy body, we can achieve the goal of longevity.